May 4, 2020

Wild Coast Lodge named in’s list of “Six stunning resorts helping the Earth”

To mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this year, put together a list of resorts around the globe who are pioneers in implementing sustainability practices that help protect our planet. Only six resorts made the list and Wild Coast Lodge Yala by Resplendent Ceylon was listed for its sustainability initiatives, which include its innovative design and building materials, effective waste management methods and energy consumption.

Wild Coast Lodge’s sustainable design blends seamlessly with the local landscape and its building materials consist of reclaimed recycled teak shingles and sustainable bamboo. The build of the lodge was also a community project executed by 100 local fishermen who worked together with the Resplendent Ceylon team.

Alongside its design, Wild Coast Lodge’s sustainable waste management methods, such as its desalination plant are highlighted. This is where all of the water used in the resort is taken from the ocean and passed through a desalination unit and then pumped round the resort. It is then recycled and used in the surrounding ponds on the property. Other sustainable methods include recycling of food waste, which is transformed into cooking gas and organic manure in the gardens. Energy conservation is also a vital part of the sustainability methods, for example, hot water is driven by the exhaust in air conditioners, and 50 per cent of energy is driven from a solar plant.

Game drives around the Yala National Park are also a part of the sustainability initiatives at Wild Coast Lodge. Biodegradable and toxin free packaging are given to guests on game drives, which are washed and recycled after use. Reusable water bottles are also provided for game drives.

Wild Coast Lodge is an example of the Resplendent Ceylon’s vision of giving their guests the best in luxury and comfort, whilst doing what is best for our planet.

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