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24 Apr 2024
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Our Tea Trails bungalows are in the hill country, at an elevation 4,000 feet. The mountain climes are cool, the air is refreshing, the views are disarming and the vibe would soothe the soul of the most driven workaholic. The weather pattern historically (before the impact of climate change) has been as follows;
Weather Weather

January, February and March see the sunniest weather and are typically our driest months. Temperatures are low by Sri Lankan standards (lows of 12-15C at night with highs of 21-24C during the day time) – we fondly refer to this weather as “crisp”. They are also the best months for bird watching as the hill country plays host to visiting migrants from Europe and Asia. The dry season also coincides with the best time to clime Adam’s Peak. Click here for more information.

In April the “inter-monsoon” rains arrive. Inter-monsoons are like an adolescent monsoon - not a fully-fledged rainy season, but mornings followed by afternoon thunderstorms. Summerville, Castlereagh and Dunkeld all look out over the lake from a high-vantage point on the mountain and storm-watching with scones and tea are a lot of fun!

The South West Monsoon arrives mid-May and traditionally stays through July, with light to moderate rains.
From end July into August and through September we expect sunny, dry weather again. Active guests have a host of outdoor experiences to choose from, such as kayaking, trekking, exploring our nature trails, or indulging in a picnic.Another bout of inter-monsoon rain graces us into October - fortunately the mornings stay sunny.

Into November, the Northeast monsoon arrives, with light to moderate rain lasting most of the day. The monsoon seems to free guests from dietary restrictions or calorie-guilt as seen by increased activity in our kitchen! But the rain isn’t heavy so it’s common to see guests taking a stroll through our manicured tea fields and work up an appetite for more treats. The curious like to partake in one our special rainy day experiences such as an interactive, Sri Lankan cooking experience or a Private Tea Tasting with our resident tea specialist who will offer you a curated portfolio of flavours to tickle your palate.The weather usually clears up in early December.

18 oC - 65 oF

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24 Apr 2024
25 Apr 2024

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