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06 Jun 2023
07 Jun 2023

Summer at Wild Coast

We invite you to stay at Wild Coast Tented Lodge and enjoy quality time with your loved ones on a safari adventure, an afternoon high tea experience by the lake and an intimate dinner beneath the starry skies. Save 15% off your stay, with an additional 30% saving on all spa treatments. A complimentary upgrade to the next available room category at the point of booking will be provided. In addition, if you are travelling with family, there will be no extra charge for one child below the age of 12. The following activities will also be provided, to make this summer memorable and educational. A daily activity from one of the experiences below will be provided, and rotated on an intermittent basis.

Upcycle – Are you socially and environmentally conscious? At our lodge, waste of all kinds is segregated so that they can be repurposed, recycled or discarded in a purposeful manner. Some of the materials including glass, metals, beads and wires can be upcycled into crafts, including jewellery. Additional materials including paints, glue, and paper can be supplied upon request.

Bush Painting – The great outdoors surrounding our lodge sets the perfect backdrop for bush painting. Show off your artistic skills and take part in your choice of a watercolour or acrylic paint. Easels, paints and canvases will be provided.

Tracks – Learn about the wilderness of Yala and the animals that roam the land. Get up close and personal with tracks you’ve identified along the beach or pathways of our lodge, with our rangers. Examine the size of the tracks, the number of toes, whether the tracks look light or firm, smooth or disturbed. The width and length can also tell you the difference between closely related animals. Our rangers will then guide a hosted workshop where your little ones can make a plaster cast of animal tracks. The cast can also be painted once dried.

Nature’s Wonders – Explore the wilderness in and around our lodge in the company of an expert ranger, who will point out visible animals as well as identify tracks of animals that have traversed our property recently. The combination of our ranger’s knowledge and the ability to walk through the forestry makes for the quintessential wilderness experience. This is hosted on Mondays and is a great activity for the entire family.

Ranger Takeover – Our team of passionate and dedicated rangers contribute to all activities related to the wilderness, wildlife and conservation. On Tuesdays, join them for a little story-telling and presentation time as they showcase learnings and current projects from how to identify a leopard to camera trap sightings from the night before.

Off the Coast – The coastal sand dunes at the outskirts of our lodge form where a beach is large and sufficient enough to allow the sand to dry out completely between high tides. Plenty of onshore winds also tally to the creation of sand dunes as it blows the dry sand landward. The sand is held in by what is known as dune grass through the accumulating layers of hard sand. Want to know more about coastal geology? Our Off the Coast experience is interactive and fun. Hosted on Wednesdays by our rangers.

Bonfires and S’mores – Create summer memories by the bonfire! Set against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean and sandy dunes, sit around the fire, settle into the evening and enjoy traditional smores and fixings complete with cool drinks with your entire family. This experience is hosted every Saturday.

Conservation Moments – As dusk begins to set, gather around the sand dunes overlooking the sea and settle into an evening of story-telling. Our skilled rangers have many tales to share and this is your chance to get to know the ins and outs of what they do from tracking animals to their conservation efforts. This experience is hosted every Sunday.

Survival Gastronomia – Partake in an in-depth fun and interactive experience cooking with traditional Sri Lankan ingredients with our chefs as host. Learn how to mix spices, season ingredients and cook your own meal. The experience is not a typical ‘demo’ but more an interactive learning experience on cooking the most common Sri Lankan fare.


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06 Jun 2023
07 Jun 2023

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