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10 Dec 2023
11 Dec 2023

Guided Nature Excursions

Uncover the wilderness of the hill country

In the company of a Tea Trails Naturalist or Trail Guide, walk or cycle (or both!) through our trails and explore the scenery of Sri Lanka's tea country. A broad spectrum of biodiversity exists in hill country - especially ours - as the plantations are interspersed with forest patches that are home to a variety of biodiversity from endemic amphibians to birds and leopards. Our Naturalist will offer in-depth narrative to the surrounding flora and fauna, share insights on life on a working tea plantation, as well as interesting factoids on history and heritage that combined make for an informative experience. Our Guides are also privy to some fun ‘off the beaten path’ trails for more adventurous explorers. A great way to spend a full day outdoors is to hike, walk and bike between all five bungalows, stopping for refreshments, lunch and tea at each.


Tea Trails Experiences

The Resplendent Journal

A chronicle of remarkable narratives from across our island and resorts.

10 Dec 2023
11 Dec 2023

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