Guided Nature Walk

Jigsaw puzzle meets mystery novel. In the wild.

Our guided Nature walk, in the company of a qualified and trained Wild Coast Lodge ranger, is our signature experience.  A bush walk is, without a doubt, the most immersive and interesting way to appreciate the wilderness. Bushcraft is the art of reading the signs of the jungle – taking what would appear to be random pieces of information to the untrained eye and stitching them together to bring the wilderness to life.

During the walk, our ranger will find, identify and interpret footprints, droppings, animal sounds and bird calls, even broken branches, etc., in a safe yet fascinating manner. Guests also get the chance to observe wildlife at a safe distance, intimately. The art of “bushcraft” is as old as time, but the combination of loss of wilderness habitat around the world and wildlife experiences being increasingly based on jeep-safaris makes the dying art of bushcraft increasingly valuable.

Wild Coast Lodge is delicately and uniquely placed within the jungle on a protected buffer of Yala National Park. Keystone species including elephant, leopard and bear roam through our lodge, as do smaller mammals and critters in abundance. The combination of our ranger’s knowledge and the ability to walk makes for the quintessential wilderness experience.

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