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17 Jun 2024
18 Jun 2024

Tea Infused Dinner

Tea Trails Signature Culinary Experience

Bringing together the subtle influences of the flavours of tea (not to mention the health benefits), the Tea-infused Dinner is a signature culinary experience unique to Tea Trails. Teas grown in various regions of Sri Lanka have distinctly different flavour profiles, and each lends a different effect to types of ingredients and methods of preparation. Earl Grey cured fresh salmon, Moroccan Mint tea crusted lamb cutlet, and Vanilla panna cotta with minted fresh fruits and Hibiscus tea sauce are some examples of a menu that appeals to both the intellectual curiosity as well as the palate of any gourmet.


Tea Trails Experiences

The Resplendent Journal

A chronicle of remarkable narratives from across our island and resorts.

17 Jun 2024
18 Jun 2024

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