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Guided Nature Excursions

Uncover the wilderness of the hill country

In the company of a Tea Trails Naturalist or Trail Guide, walk or cycle (or both!) through our trails and explore the scenery of Sri Lanka's tea country. A broad spectrum of biodiversity exists in hill country - especially ours - as the plantations are interspersed with forest patches that are home to a variety of biodiversity from endemic amphibians to birds and leopards. Our Naturalist will offer in-depth narrative to the surrounding flora and fauna, share insights on life on a working tea plantation, as well as interesting factoids on history and heritage that combined make for an informative experience. Our Guides are also privy to some fun ‘off the beaten path’ trails for more adventurous explorers.

Bungalow Trails

A great way to spend a full day outdoors is to hike, walk and bike between our five bungalows, stopping for refreshments, lunch and tea at each. We offer 14 scenic trails as part of our Bungalow to Bungalow Trail experience.

These trails can be self-guided or you might like to hike in the company of a Tea Trails Naturalist or Experience Guide for a deeper dive into the history of the valley and the biodiversity that exists in the hill country.

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Pekoe Trail

Among the myriad trails nestled within the Ceylon Tea Trails, the Pekoe Trail stands out as an exceptional addition to your journey through the hill country. The Pekoe Trail is a 300-kilometer curated long distance walking trail through the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, one of Asia’s best kept secrets.

​The 22 - stage walking trail takes you through some of the finest ecology and mountain terrain in the South of Asia as you begin your journey in Kandy and make your way to Nuwara Eliya, passing through Haputale, Hatton and Ella. The first of its kind and a bucket list experience of a lifetime, The Pekoe Trail takes trekking in Sri Lanka to new heights.

While our bungalows graciously serve as accommodations listed on the Pekoe Trails site, we are delighted to facilitate your access to Stage 6, 7, 8 and Stage 9 from Ceylon Tea Trails, ensuring an unforgettable exploration of this picturesque terrain.

Guided Nature Excursions

Stage 6

Watagoda to Kotagala

This would be a starting point that is furthest away from our bungalows but has better access from Summerville Bungalow. Norwood, Castlereagh and Dunkeld Bungalows can also be used as accommodation. The journey is around one hour to one and half hour long. You begin this stage at the Watagoda Train station, which continues past highland lakes and towards a wonderful banyan tree with an idyllic little stream running beside it. Your journey then stretches onto classic tea trails towards the Holyrood Estate. While walking, keep an eye out for a sign at a warehouse that reads “did you hug a tree today”.
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Guided Nature Excursions

Stage 7

​Kotagala to Norwood

Summerville Bungalow remains the top choice for accommodation. However, Norwood, Castlereagh, and Dunkeld Bungalows are located 40 minutes to an hour away from the starting point. This trail begins in Kotagala, deep in Sri Lanka’s tea country. The trail winds its way past Chrysler’s Farm Tea Factory, a colonial-era tea factory built in 1870, with its bright blue roof contrasting against the verdant green tea bushes making it hard to miss. You will climb a hill where you can look down on the hill town of Hatton. You will encounter Singamalai Lake, a small lake that provides all the drinking water for Hatton and the surrounding villages. It also makes for a great picnic spot!
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Guided Nature Excursions

Stage 8

​​Norwood to Bogawantalawa

​Norwood Bungalow is the best choice for this part of the trail, but Dunkeld and Castlereagh are about a half-hour to 45 minutes away from the starting point. Summerville Bungalow is also around 20 to 25 minutes away from the starting point.This trail begins in Norwood, the gateway to the Bogawantalawa Valley - also known as the ‘Golden Valley of Tea’. On your walk, you climb up towards a ridge that separates the Bogawantalawa Valley and the Maskeliya Valley, considered one of the most beautiful valleys in the tea country, which is also home to the sacred summit of Adam’s Peak. From the top of the ridge, zig zag your way to Norwood Estate where you will enjoy wonderful views of the Maskeliya side and catch a glimpse of Adam’s Peak across the lake. Walk across small village streets and railway lines towards Talawakelle town, the centre of the Dimbula tea planting district, which is de facto, the largest growing tea area in Sri Lanka.
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Guided Nature Excursions

Stage 9

Dayagama to Bogawantalawa

​This is best done from Tienstin. The other bungalows are relatively further away from this starting point and therefore, Tientsin Bungalow is most recommended. This stage begins in the town of Bogawantalawa, which gives its name to the entire valley. The Bogawantalawa valley is home to legendary tea estates such as Norwood and Kew, surrounded by mountains shrouded in mist and emerald landscapes. ​ On the trail, you will pass the Bogawana Tea Factory, a colonial-era tea factory built in 1891. You will see a rocky ‘v’ shaped mountain pass ahead of you called the “Jacobs Ladder”, which feels like a gateway to another world. The landscape changes dramatically on the trail from tea plantations to undisturbed grasslands and on towards the hills of the hidden Bopaththalawa valley.
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