One cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well
- Virginia Woolf

The day at Tea Trails starts with that wonderful tradition of Bed Tea. Served by your butler as part of a gentle wake-up call, this must be the most civilised way to start the day. The butler will also draw your bath.

Then an early morning walk followed by an English or Sri Lankan breakfast. A unique aspect of Tea Trails’ cuisine is the use of fresh, home grown vegetables, herbs and teas from the surrounding estates. Basil, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, sage, parsley and mint inspire and enliven the chef’s menus every day.

Tea Trails is all about the time-honoured planters’ traditions: Roaring fires and the comfort of a single malt whisky while the mists roll in or a stiff gin and tonic after a long day’s walk in the tea gardens, accompanied by the spicy flavours of Sri Lankan nibbles to stimulate the appetite.

Scrumptious afternoon cream teas in gardens curiously English and exotic at the same time. A four-course dinner that is at once contemporary with its garden-fresh ingredients married with choice wines, best shared in good company. Or a fabulously aromatic, authentic Sri Lankan rice and curry for lunch – a definite harbinger of the afternoon siesta.

Rates at Tea Trails are fully inclusive of gourmet meals and drinks, including select top shelf spirits and wines. Even service charges, taxes and limited laundry are included. We won’t bother you with bills…

Afternoon Cream Tea

A Tea Trails ritual; delicious savouries and cakes served by your butler, accompanied by yesterday’s Ceylon tea manufacture. Whether you put clotted cream or jam first on your scone is your hardest decision.

Tea Planter's Picnic Lunch

In the early days of the tea industry, before motorized travel came to its assistance, tea planters conducted field inspections across a vast area of tea fields and forest, either on foot or horseback.

Sri Lankan Cooking Master Class

A hands on experience with one of our amazing Tea Trails chefs. Learn the basics of Sri Lankan cooking, from the range of spices and ingredients , to techniques and recipes behind the magic of Sri Lankan cooking.

Tea Infused Dinner

Bringing together the subtle influences of the flavours of tea (not to mention the health benefit), the Tea Infused Dinner is a signature culinary experience unique to Tea Trails. Teas grown in various areas of Sri Lanka have distinctly different flavour profiles, and each lends a different effect to types of ingredients and methods of preparation.

Junior Chef

We have a collection of yummy, interactive and immersive culinary experiences for kids with a local twist, tailored for various age levels. Kids enjoy making the local favourite “coconut and treacle pancakes”, or coconut and cinnamon cookies.

Special Offers

Explore our selection of exclusive offers and transport yourself to a Resplendent world of pampering

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