The five Tea Trails bungalows lies nestled among the hills of the Bogawantalawa region in the Dimbula district in south central Sri Lanka. It is here that the créme de la créme of Ceylon teas – the fragrant and delicately flavoured “high growns” flourish. Bogawantalawa is known as “The Golden Valley” on account of its lush, vigorous tea bushes that produce full bodied to light, delicate and fragrant teas throughout the year. This is perhaps the most famous region for Ceylon Tea and one of the first areas to be planted after tea took over from coffee in Ceylon in the 1870’s. The area covers the extensive western slopes of the tea planting districts. The five Tea Trails bungalows are located between 2 km and 15km from each other. This is the ideal setting for trekking and biking against the breathtaking backdrop of mountains, lakes, winding roads and waterfalls.

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Ceylon Tea Trails has opened up a world of adventure and discovery in the Bogawantalawa Valley. Experience a wide array of activities for different levels of ability at an altitude of over 1500 metres surrounded by pristine valleys and hills.

How to get to Ceylon Tea Trails

Tea Trails is about 4.5 hours from Colombo by road or 30 mins by air. Kandy is 2.5 hours away.


Our Tea Trails bungalows are in the hill country, at an elevation 4,000 feet. The mountain climes are cool, the air is refreshing, the views are disarming and the vibe would soothe the soul of the most driven workaholic.

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