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21 Sep 2023
22 Sep 2023

Owner’s Cottage

Private garden with outdoor jacuzzi

Owner’s Cottage
Owner’s Cottage

Panoramic view of Castlereagh Lake

Key Highlights

Average Area
120 Sq. M.
4 Guests
  • Detached cottage with one double en-suite bedroom
  • Private Garden with outdoor Jacuzzi
  • 4 adults including children

Room Interior

The Owner’s Cottage at Dunkeld Bungalow is a romantic one-bedroom secluded bungalow with spectacular lake views.
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Owner’s Cottage Butler Service
Owner’s Cottage Living Room
Owner’s Cottage Private Garden
Owner’s Cottage Hot Tub
Owner’s Cottage Verandah
Owner’s Cottage Tea Leaf Extract Amenities

Owner' s Cottage Flow Plan

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21 Sep 2023
22 Sep 2023

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