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24 Jul 2024
25 Jul 2024

Heritage Breakfast

A must-try Cape Weligama breakfast option to immerse guests into traditional Sri Lankan cuisine. The menu is designed for the traveller who is curious about authentic local fare and isn’t shy about being ravenous. On offer is a taste bud-teasing spectrum of savoury, spicy, and sweet flavours. Our chefs will introduce key items on the menu to you and describe how they are made and highlight those that are a key component of local culture. Take your time and enjoy the heritage breakfast. This is one meal you’d not want to rush. This is also one meal you’d not want to miss out on a single serving of the different types of food; each quite different from the other, combined to create a truly Sri Lankan breakfast experience.


Cape Weligama Experiences

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24 Jul 2024
25 Jul 2024

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