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28 May 2024
29 May 2024

Surf in Weligama

The main Weligama Bay is an excellent place to learn to surf with soft, sandy beach waves that rarely exceed one meter. The shallow, sandy bay and gentle waves that roll onshore here particularly suit beginners and young surfers. If you are an advanced surfer and want to get the best conditions, we recommend the winter season as all of the surf spots are working along the south coast, providing fun surf for all levels. Surf is between 2-8ft and winds are normally nonexistent in the morning providing really glassy conditions favorable for us surfers. There are long point breaks, hollow reef breaks and fun beach breaks on offer, catering towards all surf levels.

If you are a beginner or a long boarder – then any time of the year is perfect as the friendlier beach breaks work year round. Weligama, where we are situated, is arguably better for learning, providing good surf all day long just in front of Ceylon Sliders. Still, as an advanced surfer, you can catch your waves too, as the outside reef can get real fun and occasionally the bay too; the options of different surf spots are less though compared to the winter season. Winds are side off shore in Weligama throughout most days, so you can surf any time, a great benefit of the summer season. If you want to get the biggest waves possible, we would recommend to come in any of the shoulder seasons, as then the winds are more favourable and the surf is normally bigger.

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28 May 2024
29 May 2024

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