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26 Sep 2023
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Summer at Cape Weligama

Explore the heart of Southern Sri Lanka this summer while staying in a luxurious villa or suite at Cape Weligama. Save 15% off your stay, with an additional 30% saving on all spa treatments. A complimentary upgrade to the next available room category at the point of booking will be provided. In addition, if you are travelling with family, there will be no extra charge for one child below the age of 12. The following activities will also be provided, to make this summer memorable and educational. A daily activity from one of the experiences below will be provided, and rotated on an intermittent basis.

Heritage Crafts – Our island has a rich artistic past. You and your little ones may experience some of that spirit today at our Heritage Crafts workshops at our resort pola – marketplace.

Pottery – Your host of the pottery experience has been at the art for many years; having honed her skills through her parents and keen to pass down the knowledge with her family. Immerse yourself in part of the process, creating one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

Art – Show off your artistic skills and take part in your choice of a watercolour or acrylic paint workshop as our resident artist guides you through our island’s history of art.

Mask Making – Experience a block of wood being hammered and chipped into the shape of a face. Your host will explain mask making and its many uses in our culture and the final step is to paint. There are other masks to use as a guide, although the fun and thrill is to veer off the original design and inspire change.

Lace Making – Beeralu lace weaving, also known as bobbin lace, was first introduced to our islanders by the Portuguese during the 16th Century. This is an adult-only activity as there are some intricacies to the art.

Bloom and Grow – Our seaside resort is home to 12 acres of land, some of which is now being used to garden and harvest fresh produce. This is an engaging and wholesome activity for the entire family. Learn about preparing the soil, planting, mulching, watering and weeding. Develop new skills and learn about the science behind growing your own produce. This activity is hosted every Friday.

Upcycle – Are you socially and environmentally conscious? At our resort, waste of all kinds is segregated so that they can be repurposed, recycled or discarded in a purposeful manner. Some of the materials including glass, metals, beads and wires can be upcycled into crafts, including jewellery. Additional materials including paints, glue, and paper can be supplied upon request.

Scavenger Adventures – A summer vacation would not be complete without a scavenger hunt. Hosted every Thursday at our resort, where your little ones will receive a list of hidden items and cryptic clues to find them. Fulfil the challenge before your time runs out!

Kids Yoga – Build strength, balance and confidence as you engage both your mind and body. This activity is for the little ones every Tuesday. While concentration and body awareness are key, this is an interactive and fun experience that boosts and improves memory and mindfulness.

Ice Cream for the Soul – What’s summer without some flavourful ice cream? Dig into island flavours like cashew, mango, passion fruit, coconut and rambutan. It’s cold, refreshing and most importantly delicious!

The Heartbeat of Our Community – The first centre fully supported by Resplendent Ceylon, the MJF Centre at Cape Weligama supports the community living around our resort. The Centre operates as a pre-school throughout the week, where children have the opportunity to learn and play while developing their social skills. After school hours, older children are provided with additional support in lessons such as science and mathematics in preparation for the fifth grade scholarship undertaken in Sri Lanka’s schooling system. A special programme for women and youth in terms of livelihoods and life skills support was also introduced in recent years. As a guest, you are able to visit the centre during its operating hours, any day of the week, and participate in some of the programmes, lending towards our efforts of sharing knowledge and uplifting the community.


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26 Sep 2023
27 Sep 2023

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