June 26, 2019

Bundala School Partnership Project – led by Wild Coast Lodge. Supported by MJF Kids.

Resplendent Ceylon has pledged to foster a rural school located close to Wild Coast Lodge as part of our community outreach projects by providing continued support on a long-term basis in terms of infrastructure, specialist training and personal skills development programs.

Bundala Kanishta Vidyala is more than 100 years old and has classes ranging from grades 1 – 11 and a total of 60 students. They lack basic resources essential for a good quality education due to its remote location. There are no teachers to conduct extracurricular activities as well as subjects such as English, Sports, and Aesthetics. Compared to other schools, they face limitations when it comes to the physical structure – they lack a planned playground, library, lab facilities and enough building space for classes.

Wild Coast Lodge celebrated their one year anniversary by providing gifts and refreshments to the students, while also furnishing a fully-equipped science lab for the use of all students. A WCL Guest, Mrs Leyla Aliyeva from Azerbaijan donated 500 Euros for the cause. Guests are welcome to support this initiative as increased guest involvement will be helpful in delivering a decent and holistic education to these local children. WCL headed this project in the hopes of facilitating skill development and furthering the quality of education of the students and teachers alike.

Taking inspiration from Dilmah, Resplendent Ceylon intends to acknowledge social justice, community and the environment as integral elements in any business process and transcending charity and corporate social responsibility instead of considering them as mere options or a part of marketing led CSR campaign.