December 1, 2019

Dilmah Tea Founder Merrill J. Fernando has been capped as a Doctor of Science by Massey

In recognition of his strong leadership in ethical business within the food and beverage industry, our chairman and founder of globally renowned Dilmah Tea was capped as Doctor of Science by Massey University in New Zealand.
“This degree is one of our highest honours and recognises Dr Fernando’s great contribution to the tea industry and food science globally,” Professor Jan Thomas, Vice Chancellor of Massey University, said. “It celebrates his prowess in business and science, including his valuable collaborations with Massey University and his commitment to ethical food production and his philanthropic activities. “We are proud to welcome Dr Fernando into the ranks of our Massey University alumni and look forward to ongoing collaboration and research with his company, and with Sri Lanka.”
As part of Dr Fernando’s visit, Massey announced a scholarship that will allow Dilmah employees or their family members to undertake professional development or degree study. Dr Fernando also taken part in a tree-planting ceremony, planting a red silk tree used for shade on tea plantations, at the university’s Manawatū campus.

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