November 13, 2021

Find Your Centre Amongst The Wilderness of Yala

Breathe. Seek. Inhale. Release.

If the past 18 months have taught us anything about resilience in the time of a worldwide pandemic, it is that we should always take the time to tend to ourselves. 

While our sense of balance or peace of mind can often be challenged, it is necessary that we harness the power of our breath, our life force and work with our mind and body to stay grounded, connected and rise above adversity. 

From our family at Resplendent Ceylon, here are a few mindful ways in which we hope you will find your centre and embark on the idea of self discovery amongst nature at Wild Coast Tented Lodge. 

Nourish + Hydrate

Our ethos at our lodge is to nurture and nourish the mind, the body as well as the soul. We build on the idea of showcasing our diverse cultures, communities and bountiful produce of nature when it comes to creating our ever-changing menus. Each meal is therefore a testament to our island’s nutritious treasures. Think heirloom rice, herbs and spices combined with rich and wholesome pastas, roasts, soups, desserts and more. 

When it comes to exploring the wilderness and traversing across the junglescapes, it’s easy to feel the rush of anticipation and excitement and neglect hydrating yourself. Whether it’s a refreshing intake of pure water or fresh juices, herbal teas or invigorating cocktails, once again inspired by our surroundings and island, quench your thirst at intervals throughout the day. 


It is movement that gives us agile bones, healthy joints, strong muscles, physical strength and optimal circulation. Whether you choose to indulge in a morning nature walk, head off on an afternoon game drive, take a dip in the pool or move your body in other ways that suits you best, you are improving your learning and concentration skills, opening your mind and body to fresh perspectives and honing a healthy wellbeing. 


Our lodge proves the ideal space to unwind, detox and pamper yourself. Our spa includes soothing and rejuvenating treatments; classics like a traditional Swedish massage alongside more exotic therapies like the island spice scrub that comprises cinnamon and tea – both well known for their medicinal properties and numerous health benefits. If a massage doesn’t sound comforting, fill up the copper tub, add a scoop of the bath salts and slip into the warmth for an indulgent bath ritual. Relaxation can produce great positive effects on the mind and body; lowering blood pressure, reducing muscle tension, improving your mood and bringing a sense of calm.


Nature has a unique way of inspiring creativity. The scenic outdoors of our backyard, the panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and the flora and fauna of Yala could lend a hand at influencing a creative spirit. Whether it’s journaling your thoughts, painting a scene, illustrating an experience or capturing moments on film, engage with the innermost workings of your mind and allow it to translate into a world of possibilities. 


Reiterate connections that enhance your wellbeing instead of those that weigh you down. Take time to understand and notice what brings you joy and keeps your peace instead of causing you added stress. If need be, take a digital detox. Our lodge can provide you the ideal escape to look inward, find solace, solitude, and perhaps even practice mindfulness that will lead to a more wholesome approach to life.