Bungalows in Sri Lanka - Tea Trails
Huge spaces warmed by roaring log fires
Infinity Pool overlooking Castlereagh lake


Sweeping lawns and swimming pools. English gardens filled with roses, dew filled agapanthus and spring crocus. Tea on the lawn with Dundee cake, scones, strawberries and cream or lunch alfresco by the pool, a summerhouse to meditate in or watch the forest wagtail flit from tree to tree. Tennis, swimming, croquet and classic board games all come together for a leisurely lifestyle. Without a doubt, the best bungalows in Sri Lanka.

Life in all its variety is played out in the living rooms. Pale tones and natural wood create equilibrium in the midst of a hectic life. Each bungalow has many sitting areas, old wooden desks to write postcards with real stamps and not just email. Silk cushions, regency stripped footstools, huge spaces warmed by roaring log fires. Mulled wine or the finest spirits, a drink that thrills the heart. Old books, old prints, antique maps, rooms filled with flowers in vibrant colours. Wide verandahs. Time for relaxing on cushioned cane chairs waited on hand and foot by the discreet butler. Long expanses of slate to spend long afternoons with a gimlet, white wine and cucumber sandwiches or freshly roasted cashews, your butler at your beck and call. Watch the lake and study the garden bees, while reading Somerset Maugham. Spacious bedrooms, a private space to unwind after a long trek.

Each bungalow comes with its own manager, chef, butler and houseboys and from 4 to 6 rooms each.

Complimentary shuttle service and luggage handling are provided for guests transferring between bungalows.

The following festivals are marked as important dates in the religious calendar of the predominantly Hindu tea estate community and celebrated with prayers, rituals & devotional songs which at times would not be in harmony with the otherwise calm & serene tranquillity of the hills. The temples in proximity to the bungalows will be celebrating these festivals, as such the sound associated with the rituals & prayers carrying over to the bungalows is a distinct possibility.

Key festival periods are; Thai Pongal which takes place from 13th to 17th January, Maha Siva Rathiri which falls in late February to early March, Sinhala/Tamil New Year which takes place between 12th to 15th April, Mayday on 1st of May, Deepavali from mid-October to early-November and Christmas falling on 25th December each year.

Norwood Bungalow

The bungalow at Norwood commands a fine view of the eastern end of the Bogawantalawa valley and rests in the shelter of one of the finest bamboo stands to be found anywhere.

"Abounding with 50’s character, the bungalow was built in 1890, rebuilt in 1950 and rests at an Altitude 4300 ft."

Tientsin Bungalow

Step into the world of Tientsin and step back in time. Named after the Chinese village from which the original tea seedlings came, this very British residence is a historical landmark.

"'High Colonial' is the perfect way to describe Tientsin. The bungalow was built in 1888 and is perched atop the world at an altitude of 4600 ft."

Castlereagh Bungalow

Travellers approaching Castlereagh from the road can glimpse tantalising views across the lake of this magnificent symbol of the glory days of colonial life.

"Castlereagh boasts an eclectic style of its own. Built in 1925, Altitude 4025 ft."

Summerville Bungalow

High above the lake at the edge of a tea plantation, Summerville stands sentinel. This five-room bungalow enjoys magnificent views of the water and beyond to tea planted mountains in the distance.

"It has the air of a country cottage. Built in 1923, situated at an altitude of 4000 ft."

Dunkeld Bungalow

Poised high above Castlereagh lake, the bungalow looks down on the verdant tea fields of Dunkeld estate and the tea factory, with spectacular views of the Great Western mountain range.

"The newest addition to the Ceylon Tea Trails family, Dunkeld offers a panoramic view of the lake. Built in 1925, the bungalow sits at an altitude of 4750 ft"

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