The Essential Tea Experience

Working tea factories are akin to live museums -- the smells, sounds and energy is unlike anything else

The guided tour of the Dunkeld Tea Factory is the quintessential tea experience in Sri Lanka. Our resident Tea Planter passionately delves into all aspects of tea in just the right amount of detail – from a look back to the early days of “planting” and the lifestyles of the early colonial settlers, to the manufacturing process, to how flavours are created to suit various palates – he’s got it covered.

What went into creating the perfect cup of refreshing Ceylon tea in 1867 were equal parts science, art, sleight of hand, and a spot of luck. And not much has changed since! As some of the methodology and machinery are over a century old we strongly believe that Ceylon Tea itself is part of the world’s living heritage. And this is your invitation to partake in it.


  • Tour starts at 1030 at the Dunkeld Factory and ends around 1200.
  • Travel time from Tientsin 60 mins, Norwood 40 mins, Summerville 30 mins, Castlereagh & Dunkeld 10 mins.
  • The tea factory can be noisy & dusty at times. On Sundays and Public holidays there is usually no manufacture going on.
  • During busier periods, two tours will take place at 0930 and 1130.

Ceylon Tea Trails Experiences

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