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25 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024

Island Escapes with Ceylon Tea Trails

We invite you to stay at one of our planters’ bungalows at Ceylon Tea Trails and enjoy quality time with your loved ones, with personalized service, a private chef and butler and a plethora of activities to choose from. Experience luxury and relaxation with a remarkable 10% off your unforgettable stay.

The following activities will also be provided, to make this getaway memorable and educational. A daily activity from one of the experiences below will be provided, and rotated on an intermittent basis.

Fishing on Castlereagh– As one of the most popular outdoor activities, experience fishing on the Castlereagh Lake with your own handmade fishing rods. Our expert naturalists will guide you through the process of making these rods out of bamboo and nylon thread. This fun and interactive experience is for the entire family and hosted on Tuesdays.

Conservation Discussion at Leopard Research Center - Engage in a thought-provoking dialogue about leopard conservation and the importance of protecting their natural habitat. Discover the vital role of research and community efforts in ensuring the survival of these majestic creatures.

Naturalist Presentation on Biodiversity - Discover the diverse flora and fauna, from endemic amphibians to birds and leopards. Our knowledgeable Naturalist will provide in-depth insights into the surrounding ecosystem, showcasing the fascinating array of species that call this area home. Immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder of our local biodiversity during this engaging presentation.


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25 Feb 2024
26 Feb 2024

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